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23 March 2011 @ 09:45 pm
I'm Not Afraid To Take A Stand, Everybody Come Take My Hand, We'll Walk This Road Together  
So I've been brainstorming for a story I wanna write. I haven't exactly figured out the exact time era yet (I can't decide between Old Jedi Order and New Jedi Order), but I do have the plot thought up and the characters decided on. 



Main Protagonists (Jedi, Pilots, Troopers, et cetera)
Keek Landrid - Jedi Knight (Human female)
Lulyk Doi - Rogue Jedi; Captain of the Mimbus (Twi’lek/Human female)
Maximus Bane - Rogue Jedi; Bounty Hunter (Human male)
Chongo - Lulyk’s Sidekick; Co-pilot of the Mimbus (Ewok male)
Main Antagonists (Sith, Pilots, Bounty Hunters, et cetera)
Darth Themis - Sith Lord ( Human female)
Cordin Mobis - Sith Apprentice (Human male)

Minor Protagonists (Jedi, Droids, Troopers, et cetera)
R4-T3 - Astromech Droid; Keek’s Sidekick (Droid)
Jordan Vorn - Jedi Knight ( Bothan female)
Candora Huddar - Jedi Master; Lulyk Doi’s former Master (Nautolan female)

Deceased Protagonists (Jedi, Pilots, Troopers, et cetera)
Obis Don-Wii - Jedi Master; Keek’s Master (Human male)
Deceased Antagonists (Sith, Pilots, Bounty Hunters, et cetera)
Darth Nemnis - Sith Lord; Sardin’s Master (Human male)

Anyways, some of these characters are based from some friends in real life. I also plan to post some Anakin Solo icons later. I get to these points where I get somewhat over his death, then I breakdown because I love him so much - I mean look at the icon - isn't he cute?!
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